Sarah Jones

Hi my name is Sarah. I have been on team at Emmanuel Mount since 2017.

I was brought up in Lancaster on a farm, but never really spent much time in this area other than coming on shopping trips to Freeport.

I graduated with a Theology degree in 2009 at Regents Theological College and then I went on to train for the ministry with the Elim Pentecostal denomination. I was ordained and served at an Elim Pentecostal church in Lancaster and worked as a painter and decorator up until I got married to Peter in 2016.

Peter lived in Cleveleys and so when we got married I moved over here and we started attending Emmanuel church. After a year God opened up an opportunity to be part of a team and I’ve never looked back. God has given me a real love for the church here and the area.

Peter and myself now have a beautiful little boy called Ethan, we love walks and bike rides on the prom and being with friends and family in our spare time.

I hope to see you soon.