Emmanuel Church can offer one to one counselling through ‘Lighthouse Counselling’.

We have both trained and ‘in-training’ counsellors available for anyone regardless of whether you attend the church or not.

The sessions are on a donation basis.

If you would like to make some initial enquiries please call Lighthouse on 07580 356664 or email
Alternatively call the church direct on 01253 770646 or email and ask for Rob.

According to the charity ‘Mind’ this week one in six people will experience a common mental health issue. At some point most of us will have seasons like this. Lighthouse counselling was established to help and support you in and through these times. You don’t have to be alone. Counselling is a confidential, impartial, ‘safe-space’ where you can explore your thoughts and feelings about the difficulties in your life. You can be ‘yourself’, confident that you will be listened to,
respected and not judged. Often people find that counselling helps them to understand where their negative feelings and unhelpful thoughts and behaviours come from, which helps them find ways to resolve the difficulties and pain they are experiencing.

Our BACP registered counsellors are experienced with helping people who are dealing with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, panic, loss, abuse, shame, guilt, rejection, family and relationship issues, compulsions, social phobia, body dysmorphia and others. We can offer a variety of approaches tailored to your needs.

Download the Lighthouse Referral Form here