Emmanuel West

Emmanuel West is a church in West Fleetwood with a difference. We don’t have our own building because we want to find ways of ‘being church’ in community spaces and homes. We meet in small groups and try to keep things simple. We have a big vision though –‘to grow into a family of small community based groups dotted around West Fleetwood and beyond’ We sometimes refer to it as the ‘Tesco express model’ – a ‘simple church’ within everyone’s walking distance’.

West doesn’t do a lot of starting new things but encourages members to join what’s already going on locally. We don’t organise lots of events but instead try to build a community of people who are ‘contagious disciples of Jesus’

We meet every Sunday in small groups called ‘gospel communities’, one on the West View estate at the community centre on Eden avenue (although due to covid we are unable to use it at present so please contact us for the current venue) at 10:15am and one at a home in Larkholme.  On the first Sunday of the month we all get together at the Rossall Tavern on Larkholme parade.  We usually have lunch together afterwards and we try to find ways to have fun together and disciple one another through the week.

We run a community computer clinic alternate weeks at the Rossall Tavern and a pilates group most Thursdays in the Larkholme community centre. We do seasonal bible studies, celebrate occasions together, host a Q&A session again in the Rossall Tavern, sometimes we have Saturday instead of Sunday church – to be honest anything can happen (almost)!

Emmanuel West aims to be ‘a church for everyone’ which means you are very welcome to check us out whether you are a believer or not. We think you will find us informal and friendly.

If you would like more information contact our Pastor, Rob Guinney on 07580 356664 or via the main church office on 01253 770646 or check out our facebook page @emmanuelwestside