Healing on the Streets

Every fortnight (weather permitting) a team of our church members meet at the end of Preston Street joining with Lord Street from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.  Trained in the ministry of ‘Healing on the Streets’ they are available to pray with anyone who is in need of prayer.

They pray for the whole person – spirit, soul and body to be well.  They believe that showing the love of God and sharing good news is pivotal to their evangelistic purpose.

Their unobtrusive practice allows people to approach them without any pressure from the team.  Chairs are available for those that want to be prayed for although you don’t have to sit!

The team have been greatly encouraged to see God make a difference in people’s lives.

Each week people have been keen to see what is going on in this area of the town.  They have many stories to tell.  Amongst them are young men having prayer for peace and protection as they prepare for being deployed to Afghanistan. People released from the dependency of drugs and alcohol.  Health of limbs restored to function properly – skipping and jumping in evidence of healing!

As one member of the team said:

“God never disappoints us!”