Freedom In Christ

Freedom in Christ

The 13 week freedom In Christ course aims to ‘Make fruitful disciples – not just converts’.

‘Traditional discipleship teaching can sound like this: “do this every day”, “don’t do that any more”, “successful Christians behave like this”. So we end up simply acting like Christians. Some manage to do and say the right things but don’t necessarily live fruitful lives. Others constantly require help with the same old issues. Some just drift away’. (Taken from the FIC website)

The course helps Christians understand better what actually happened to them the moment they became Christians: who we are in Christ, the truth of God’s covenant love; why there is no condemnation; why we don’t have to languish in cycles of sin, negative thinking and hopelessness.

But it’s not just teaching. Although the key to freedom is knowing the truth (John 8:32), simply telling people the truth doesn’t mean that they really know it. The course will encourage a gentle ministry process involving prayer, repentance and faith which God uses time and time again to ‘clear out the rubbish’ and enable Christians to walk daily in the freedom Christ has already purchased for them.

This is course has been used by over 150,000 people in the UK and you can find out more at the Freedom in Christ website

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