House Groups

House Groups 

We are totally committed to see what is taught and preached move the 45 centimeters or so from the head to the heart and then out to the hands and feet – this is what house groups are all about. In other words, they are groups of between 6 and 12 people who meet together regularly in the relaxed environment of someone’s home to encourage each other to be disciples of Jesus.

Each group is different and is encouraged to develop according to the needs and vision of the members. However there will usually be some combination of informal worship, discussion based learning, food and fellowship, pastoral care, prayer and outreach. We don’t think church is a spectator sport – house groups are an important place where everyone can play a part in building up of the whole body.

Currently we have 7 House groups, one is an afternoon group and the others meet in evenings. Our groups are in Fleetwood, Bispham, Thornton, Cleveleys and Great Eccleston.

We believe small groups are an essential characteristic of a healthy church.

What is the purpose of housegroups?

•Exploring and applying the bible’s teaching to issues of daily life.  In other words a small group (housegroup) is a place and a community where housegroup members are able to bring up those issues and questions that are immediate personal concerns.

•A place to encourage and enable deepening wholesome Christian relationships.

•A safe place where members are encouraged to serve others, inside and outside of the group with their spiritual gifts which range from prophetic words to offering and receiving hospitality to encouragement.

We believe that housegroups sit very much in line  with our “Lighthouse Vision” of our ABC Statement:

Anchored to the Rock which is Jesus and his Word

Building a church of living stones “fitly joined together”

Commissioned ‘to give light and to save life’.

If you attend our church and would like to know more information about housegroups please feel free to contact Claire Chantrell either by email, telephone or face to face.

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