Precepts Bible Study

We have been running Precepts at Emmanuel church for several years now and have seen great benefits through this method of Bible study. Precepts provides a structured method of Bible study and all materials required are provided in a pack at the start of the course. The great thing about Precepts is that there are different methods and levels of study available to accommodate varying time commitments and depth of study. The basic idea is that we study one series at a time and meet once a week in a small group to discuss; the groups are led by trained Precepts leaders within the church.

We welcome anybody who has a desire to grow in God, understand His word and get to know more about the Living Word for themselves.

We have thoroughly enjoyed each study that we have undertaken and would encourage anybody to take the plunge and try a study. There are three main reasons for this. First, there is a great need in our nation for the church to be equipped with the resources that God has given to us. It is our responsibility therefore to make full use of one of the primary resources He has given, namely, His written word. Second, the Precepts studies provide an excellent medium for instilling the discipline of regular Bible study into a group and for learning and growing together. Third, Precepts is fun! We have had some excellent discussions, learned an awful lot and more importantly seen lives changed as a result. 

For details of what we are currently studying, where and when we are meeting please contact the church office. 

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