What's Church Like

What normally happens?

After a warm welcome, we normally have a time of worship with singing for about half an hour. The children then go to their groups and the adults enjoy a relevant talk from the Bible. We often take time to pray for each other, for sick people and sometimes people will share stories of how God has answered their prayer or been involved in their life that week. The service is normally finished at about 12:00am, followed by tea, coffee and treats. At all times we want visitors to feel relaxed and to participate as they feel comfortable.

Can I make a contact before I come?

It can be difficult meeting people for the first time and not knowing anyone. If you would find it helpful you can contact us and let us know you are coming and we will get in touch so that you know at least one person when you arrive. Contact us here

What should I wear?  

There is no dress code, though people normally wear smart casual clothing – in keeping with the weather. Come as you are. 


       What is the music like?

       Our worship times are contemporary, relaxed and upbeat,            singing both new and traditional songs. 






What is there for children & Youth?

We encourage children to join in with the worship and we currently run three programmes during the adult’s talk time:  Creche – for babies up to 2, Sunday school for Pre-School children and primary school children and Youth Church for Secondary School children.

Where & When?

We have 3 different types of Church Please click here for information

Is there parking?

There is free on road parking at all of our sites.

Can someone pray for me when I visit?

We believe that God not only wants us to know about Him, but also experience Him in our everyday lives. This is why we'd love to pray for you if you would like us to.

What about money?

As a visitor you will not be expected to give any money, however if you would like to give to support the vision of Emmanuel Church, your contribution is always appreciated. Our finances are managed by a board of Trustees and our accounts are audited by external accountants and comply with Charity Commission regulation.