Mission & Vision


In November and December 2010 the church committed to 24 hours of prayer over 40 days seeking an answer to the question, ‘What kind of house, Lord?’

January 2011 saw the church leadership team go away for a few days to reflect further on the experience of the 40 days of prayer.

Out of all this has come what we are calling our “Lighthouse Vision” of an ABC Statement:

Anchored to the Rock which is Jesus and his Word

Building a church of living stones “fitly joined together”

Commissioned ‘to give light and to save life’.

In 2012, we came to believe that the Lord was urging us to be a church-planting church – a ‘pregnant’ church which plants other churches in places where there is no evangelical church witness or presence – as a strategic missional response to our Commission ‘to give light and to save life’.  We have been challenged by the statement that Church planting has been described as “the most effective means of evangelism known under heaven”.