John McLellan

I’m John McLellan (or to give my full name John Wallace Alexander McLellan) – Associate Minister at Emmanuel and with particular responsibility for the support of the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) debt counselling service, the development of our Alpha and Christianity Explored courses, our Prayer Team and our involvement with Fleetwood Churches Together. I am also the Chaplain to the Langley House Trust Fresh Start Project in town to help with the rehabilitation of ex-offenders.

I was born in Fleetwood, shall we say a number of years ago and have spent just about all my life in the town, having spent the greater part of my working days with a firm which had traditionally supported the fishing fleets and, more recently, with a Government Department in the area.

I’m married to Shirley and we’re the parents of two daughters and two sons (in that order).

I’ve seen many changes in this former port – the decline of the fishing industry and the cargo service among them. Two of my former schools, all the picture houses, the Pier, various pubs and the old trams have gone.

But the people – warm, colourful, controversial, anxious, strange, frustrating (and don’t forget I’m one of them) remain.

With the rest of the team and in leading this great family at Emmanuel, it is my wholehearted desire that as many of you as possible should join this family as you come with all your variety of needs and cares to experience the release and life to be found only in Jesus.

And in wanting so much to see this happen, I offer myself, to use my initials, as John with A Mission.

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